Caprice and mike

Caprice was walking to her car which was parked at a local shopping center. I made believe I confused her for a friend and broke the ice that way.

Caprice and Mike do anal

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Nasta and Mike have fun

Renato brought Nasta to the apartment from the airport. She was looking so sweet. Her accent made her even sexier. I’m glad she was willing to make the payments by other means. I don’t know what I would have done if she was going to pay in cash. She was smiling all the way to the end. You could see her jump every time Renato hit her clit. She loved every position and touch Renato put on her. I gave her four extra days for her anal action.

Nasta and Mike have lots of fun..

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Terry visits Mike

After showing Terry few of my apartments, she decided to rent the one closer to all of the tourist attractions. I explained to her the apartment was more expensive than the rest. The apartment was way over her budget so i offered her the Mikey special and after mulling it over for a few minutes she agreed. Terry hand an amazing slim fit body with a perfect booty that complimented her perky tits…. Enjoy!

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Sara visits mike in his apartment

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Mike gets a visit from a hot teen

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